Proline-promoted dehydroxylation of α-ketols


Y. Mostinski, D. Lankri, Y. Konovalov, R. Nataf, and D. Tsvelikhovsky. 2019. “Proline-promoted dehydroxylation of α-ketols.” Chemical Science, 10, 40, Pp. 9345-9350.


A new single-step proline-potassium acetate promoted reductive dehydroxylation of α-ketols is reported. We introduce the unexplored reactivity of proline and, for the first time, reveal its ability to function as a reducing agent. The developed metal-free and open-flask operation generally results in good yields. Our protocol allows the challenging selective dehydroxylation of hydroxyketones without affecting other functional groups. This journal is © The Royal Society of Chemistry.


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