Center's Objectives



  1. To stimulate and coordinate interdisciplinary basic and translational scientific research projects, aimed at better understanding how cannabinoids involve in various disease states via the use of chemical, biological, agricultural and cellular pre-clinical and clinical research at both national and international levels.
  2. To train young scientists, and support scholarships and/or awards to encourage M.Sc. and Ph.D. students to concentrate their research on cannabinoids.
  3. To arrange an annual symposium on cannabinoids that will bring together students and researchers from Israel, and support an annual lecture by a distinguished guest scientist from abroad.
  4. To cultivate close interaction with other research centers at the Hebrew University as well as with educational institutions abroad - promoting joint seminars and workshops.
  5. To foster interactions with the international pharmaceutical industry with the aim of converting scientific achievements in the field of cannabis and cannabinoids into potential commercial value.