Novel CBG Derivatives Can Reduce Inflammation, Pain and Obesity.


Natalya M Kogan, Yarden Lavi, Louise M Topping, Richard O Williams, Fiona E McCann, Zhanna Yekhtin, Marc Feldmann, Ruth Gallily, and Raphael Mechoulam. 2021. “Novel CBG Derivatives Can Reduce Inflammation, Pain and Obesity.” Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 26, 18.


Interest in CBG (cannabigerol) has been growing in the past few years, due to its anti-inflammatory properties and other therapeutic benefits. Here we report the synthesis of three new CBG derivatives (HUM-223, HUM-233 and HUM-234) and show them to possess anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. In addition, unlike CBG, HUM-234 also prevents obesity in mice fed a high-fat diet (HFD). The metabolic state of the treated mice on HFD is significantly better than that of vehicle-treated mice, and their liver slices show significantly less steatosis than untreated HFD or CBG-treated ones from HFD mice. We believe that HUM-223, HUM-233 and HUM-234 have the potential for development as novel drug candidates for the treatment of inflammatory conditions, and in the case of HUM-234, potentially for obesity where there is a huge unmet need.