Cannabinoid Quinones-A Review and Novel Observations.


Natalya M Kogan, Maximilian Peters, and Raphael Mechoulam. 2021. “Cannabinoid Quinones-A Review and Novel Observations.” Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 26, 6.


A cannabinoid anticancer para-quinone, HU-331, which was synthesized by our group five decades ago, was shown to have very high efficacy against human cancer cell lines in-vitro and against in-vivo grafts of human tumors in nude mice. The main mechanism was topoisomerase II$\alpha$ catalytic inhibition. Later, several groups synthesized related compounds. In the present presentation, we review the publications on compounds synthesized on the basis of HU-331, summarize their published activities and mechanisms of action and report the synthesis and action of novel quinones, thus expanding the structure-activity relationship in these series.