Yakir Rottenberg M.D.

Yakir Rottenberg M.D.

Head, Palliative Service at Hadassah Medical Center
Member of the Academic Committee, Multidisciplinary Center for Cannabinoid Research
Head, Israeli Palliative care Group, ISCORT (The Israeli Society for Clinical Oncology and Radiation Therapy
Yakir Rottenberg M.D.

Research Interest: I have a broad background in oncology, geriatrics, bio-statistics and medical innovation. Since I established a cannabis clinic in 2013, more than 3,100 licenses have been granted for the medical use of cannabis combined with conducting a clinical trial in early order to assess the impact of cannabinoids on solid tumors (ClinicalTrials.gov, NCT02255292), in collaboration with Prof. Rafael Meshulam.




Specific Research Topics on Cannabinoids:

Preventing cognitive impairment by using intranasal delivery of Cannabinoids for high risk populations.

Risks factors for potential addiction among cancer survivors who use medical marijuana.

Key Words: Cannabinoids delivery, immunosuppression, cognitive impairment, addiction.

Contact Information

Office: +97226777111