Maggie Levy Ph.D.

Maggie Levy Ph.D.

Research Interest: The main focus of the research in our lab is plant-pathogen interactions. We study the plant's defense responses against the fungal plant-pathogen Botrytis cinerea. Structural defense, chemical defense and plant induced resistance via the biocontrol agents Pseudozyma aphidis.





Specific Research Topics on Cannabinoids:

Developing new strategies to control Botrytis cinerea and other fungal pathogens in Cannabis

The use of Cannabiswaste as green manure to control plant pathogens                 


Key Words: Plant immunity; Phytopathogens; Fungi; Resistance; Green manure; Secondary metabolites



Maggie Levy Ph.D.

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Office: +972-8-9489162
Head, Lab of Plant-Pathogen Interactions
Levy Ph.D.