Gershon Golomb Ph.D.

Gershon Golomb Ph.D.

Head, Targeted Nanoparticles Lab
The Woll Sisters and Brothers Chair in Cardiovascular Diseases
Gershon Golomb Ph.D.

Research Interest: Targeting of nanoparticles containing cannabinoids/endocannabinoids to specific organs/tissues, and studying their effect on monocytes/macrophages.





 Specific Research Topics on Cannabinoids:


Targeting of cannabinoids to inflamed tissue: Elucidating the mechanism of immunomodulation

Targeting of nanoparticles containing cannabinoids to peripheral neuronal cells or the extracellular matrix



Key Words: Targeted delivery systems; Monocytes; Peripheral neuronal cells; Inflammation; Nanomedicine.

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Office: +972-2-6758658