Amnon Hoffman Ph.D.

Amnon Hoffman Ph.D.

Research Interest: The main theme of our lab is to optimize drug therapy according to pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics principles. This is based on both clinical and preclinical investigations, with special interests in the biological aspects of drug delivery systems.





 Specific Research Topics on Cannabinoids:

Affecting Intestinal First Pass Metabolism Processes of Orally Administered Drugs by Pharmaceutical Methodology: The Cannabinoids Paradigm

Enhancing oral bioavailability of cannabinods

Prolonged controlled release of cannabinoids

Lipid based pharmaceutic formulations



Key Words: Delivery systems; Absorption; Intranasal; Gastroretentive; Bio-pharmacy; SNEDDS; Pain; Multiple Sclerosis

Amnon Hoffman Ph.D.

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Head, Biopharmaceutics of Drug Delivery Systems Lab
Hoffman Ph.D.