Alexander M. Binshtok Ph.D.

Alexander M. Binshtok Ph.D.

Head, Pain Plasticity Research Group
Chair of Neurobiology Program, Institute of Medical Research Israel-Canada
Alexander M. Binshtok  Ph.D.

Research Interests: The main goal of my lab is to study how pain- and itch-related information is encoded and transmitted by the peripheral and central neurons in normal and pathological conditions. Based on the understanding of the molecular and biophysical mechanisms of detection and transmission of noxious stimuli we also aim to develop new approaches for selective targeting pain- and itch-generating neurons as well as tumor cells.  






Specific Research Topics on Cannabinoids:

Cannabinoid-induced targeted facilitated entry of cytotoxic compounds selectively into tumor cells

Mechanisms of cannabinoid-induced analgesia


Keywords: CBD, TRP channels, pain, itch, cancer





Contact Information

Office: +972-2-675-7349