Ron Kohen Ph.D.

Ron Kohen Ph.D.

Head, Free Radicals, Antioxidants and Oxidative Stress Lab
Chair, Richard and Jean Zarbin Chair in Medical Studies
Ron Kohen Ph.D.

Research Interest: Cannabinoids as antioxidants in biological systems; Modulation of the skin defense mechanism against stress by cannabinoids, Topical nano-delivery of cannabinoids (gold nano particles and microemulsion).

 Specific Research Topics on Cannabinoids:

  • Activation of the Nrf2-keap1 pathway by various cannabinoids.
  • Induction of skin defense mechanisms against stress (e.g. UV) by CBD and other derivatives.
  • Development of skin delivery systems for cannabinoids.

 Key Words: Antioxidants; Drug delivery systems; Skin biochemistry; Oxidative stress; Skin pathologies

Contact Information

Office: +972-2-6758659